posted 2012-12-18 18:56:44

How are you going to survive finals week? I

"I need to crack those books open with music in my ear. I can’t have any other distractions around me. " -Chauncy Mudayh, 26, Junior, Early Childhood Education

"Rewrite your notes as a way to study! If you take good notes, and then rewrite them, you’ll be fine. Talk to your professor. Take the time to study! Give yourself a week or two. "-Kameeka Burke, 23, Recent Graduate, Psychology

"I go to the library a lot and have study groups. We review old tests. I don’t cram. I just study ahead of time. During the week of finals, I just hang out and try to think of other stuff. " -Annakaye Hansan, 21, Upper Senior, Psychology w English minor

"I work out and de-stress. You feel better, walking into class with your gym clothes. And you walk out feeling like the boss. Being at the gym helps you think about other things. I study by myself. I can’t do groups. I also don’t sleep—all-nighters until I’m done. " -Legenry Sosa, 23, Senior, Accounting

"Lots of coffee, quietness, and sleep! I need to turn off my phone, or else I would go on Facebook. " -Jessica Nunez, 24, Senior, English Language Arts

To survive, I’m going to pull all-nighters and caffeine. " -Arvie Padoninog, 19, Sophomore, Undecided

"Review all your notes. That’s the only thing you can do. I went through torture in classes. " -Johora Choudhury, 26, Pre-Med, Sophomore.

"I suck on a lemon because it keeps me up. When you eat a certain flavor during review and then you eat it during the exam, it helps you remember. It’s memory by association. " -Alla Akaelrod, 21, Biology, Junior

"I smoke a pack of my favorite cigarettes—Djarum. " -Joel Romero, 20, Anthropology, Sophomore

"I only have two finals. I have to survive five papers. I need to start doing things earlier—do outlines, and research. " -Ernester Gomez, 20, Women and Gender Studies, Junior

"Just reread your notes. That’s what I do. I listen to this one song that gives me motivation: Faan Glai Pai hai Teung by Big Ass. It’s a song about your whole family going against what you want to do but yet you manage to reach the goal you set for yourself. " -Brigitte Huertas, 23, Medical Lab Science, Senior.

"I don’t think about anything. I develop tunnel vision and immerse myself into the work. " -Seethal Thomas, 19, Psychology, Sophmore

"I don’t really do anything. I just take one exam or essay at a time. I usually cram through or study the day before. " -Sebastian Bustamante, 21, Biology, Senior

"I watch shows all night to relieve the stress when I feel like I am going to fail. Then, I vent to everyone who will listen about why I’m going to fail and why I am a horrible student and why I don’t deserve to go to college. " -Shahreen Alom, 20, English, Junior Health