posted 2011-10-05 13:30:41

A Tasteful Remake of a Classic Game - Starfox 3DS

Photo courtesy of Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Photo courtesy of Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Dan Seminara                                                                                                                    

Nintendo tends to release new versions of old Nintendo 64 games. They have been releasing a variety of games for their portable game console Nintendo 3DS, including Super Mario 64. Ocarina, a popular game in The Legend of Zelda Series was released over the summer. Of all the recent releases of old Nintendo games, the classic Star Fox 64 3D, has created a buzz amongst gamers.

The game is very similar to its original version. For those who are unfamiliar with video games, Star Fox 64 is a 3D shooting game where the player takes control of the titular Fox McCloud and fights against the forces of the simian scientist Andross

and his space armada. The player controls the ship from a third person perspective while being able to shoot, dodge and perform a variety of maneuvers.

Star Fox 64 3D features battle mode which serves as the basis for the multiplayer feature of the game. In this mode, the entire Star Fox team fights in one of several locations. The gameplay in battle mode is similar to many of the game’s final boss fights, making it easy for both veteran and new players to adjust to the gaming style.

The game seems to be constructed around the notion of enjoying a quick game on the go, automatically saving after each level. This makes it easier for people to play for a few minutes at a time—if they are in rush—and no loss of progress will be documented.

Star Fox 64 3D is an excellent addition to the Nintendo 3DS’ library. While

the new features are a mixed bag, the core game stands on its own is all that is needed to make Star Fox 64 3D into a fun portable time killer. Now that Tokyo Game Show is upon us, we should be hearing more about the system’s future lineup, but for now we can all enjoy one of the greatest shooter games in a new and refreshing format.