posted 2012-03-21 23:55:33

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Envoy Advice,

Most of my friends know me as a rigid, strong person. I would never cry in public, and I appear to have everything together. Recently, my friends came across a blog which I occasionally write in. I thought I had the settings private to maintain my anonymity, but the policy must have changed. By accident I told my friends about my blog name (not thinking they would google it) and it was the first link available in a google search. Now my friends know that I write poetry and other nonsensical things, and somehow I feel this makes me weak. I fear my friends are going to look at my differently know. How can I make sure my friends still take me seriously? What should I do?

Feeling Weak


Dear Feeling Weak,

It’s okay to be weak sometimes and have emotions. Just because you have a blog with poetry, it doesn’t mean that your actions in person will no longer be taken seriously. Creative writing is nothing to be ashamed of. It shows that you are versatile, flexible, willing to reach into a softer place inside, and you have a talent. You can still be serious and convey a strong attitude in person. Now that your friends have seen a side of you that you normally don’t show, they can either judge you or accept you. If your friends judge you, maybe you should be reevaluating who you hang out with in the first place. Also, if you don’t want your friends to see things on the internet, make sure you know how to manage your privacy settings. Be knowledgeable about the sites you go on, and how to keep up with the privacy settings to your needs. Crying over dropped ice-cream makes you weak, writing poetry does not.

Stay Strong,

Envoy Advice

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