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Advice Column

Dear Advice,

School is so expensive. I have worked all spring and summer to pay for tuition and now after attending five classes my estimated textbook bill exceeds $400. Last semester I bought every textbook that my professors requested and there were handful of books that I never touched. I am trying to be conscious of my spending and I don’t want to waste money, especially when the bookstore will only buyback my books for a fraction of the price I paid. I know there are some electronic books that I can purchase, but most teachers discourage electronic devices in their classrooms. Do you have any tips on how I can save money? I don’t want to buy textbooks and not use them, but I don’t want to do poorly in my classes because I don’t have the books. Being fiscally responsible is hard.

Signed, Depleting dollars
Depleting dollars,

If you want to get an A, do you have to pay for it? No. You receive an A by working hard. Do some research and you will realize that there are many options for acquiring textbooks. It’s your money and everyone has a limit about what they want to spend. How about buying the absolute, most essential books that you feel you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else like a special course guide. Most books you can find on Amazon or other cheap websites that will get delivered to your doorstep. Also, keep your eyes peeled. Many Hunter students are in the same pickle and often post signs about selling used textbooks. Did you go to the library? The reserve desk usually has a plethora of textbooks and other books that professors leave behind for students. As for electronic devices, every teacher is different. Most teachers don’t want students using electronic devices because they will be on Facebook the entire time, but if you consult your teacher and tell your professor the situation, I’m sure they would understand. Not getting a textbook because you don’t want to pay for it is irresponsible and potentially damaging. Explore your options and you will realize that you aren’t confined to the books at the Hunter Book store and Shakespeare.


Envoy Advice

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