posted 2011-11-28 14:25:00

Baruch Protest at the board of trustees meeting 11/28

Update at 12:32am 11/29: Sources tell The Envoy that Dr. Bill Craine was removed from the Board meeting, but not arrested. Four others, however, were arrested. In addition to David Julian Guerrero, The Envoy has learned that student Balthazar Becker was arrested for "aggravated harassment". Becker is a 3rd year  international student in the English department at the Graduate Center.


7:30pm An Envoy source reports that Hunter student Julian Guerrero has been released from custody.

6:50pm Sergeant Jeronimo of the NYPD tells The Envoy that she was in the Baruch lobby during last weeks incident, confirming photographic evidence.

6:45pm A representative of The National Lawyers Guild tells The Envoy that Hunter activist and student Julian Guerrero was arrested during the march.

6:37pm Mic Check invites all protesters to CUNY wide general assembly on Dec. 1st at Brooklyn College at 3pm.

6:25pm Students chanting "Goldstein went to CUNY when CUNY was free," have gathered on 25th anticipating the Chancellor's departure.

6:10pm Students have gathered between Lexington and 3rd to protest board members as they leave.

5:58pm An officer on a scooter commends protest organizers for keeping the crowd tight.

5:50pm Police and protesters clash as protesters attempt to take to the streets chanting "whose streets? Our streets!"

5:43pm The front of the march Mic checks the approval of the budget before turning on to 3rd ave.

5:27 board of trustees approves budget with only one opposing vote, that of the student representative. Several members of the audience walk out.

5:15pm Inside the board room, members prepare to vote on the proposed budget - including tuition increase. Two board members commend the proposal. Student representative of the Board, "Education should be considered an investment of the state...the state is failing to do it...we have to vote no on this increase to send a message to the state to do their job."

4:50pm There are roughly a thousand student protesters, faculty, and psc members picketing and marching. A live band is playing in the center and police continue to surveillance the protest.

4:40pm Dr. Bill Craine, professor at CUNY for 41 years is taken away by security in the b.o.t meeting for crossing tape which designated the b.o.t seating area.

3:45pm NYPD sets up designated area for protesters to rally.

2:20pm: In anticipation of the protest against the board of trustees meeting later this evening, the Vertical campus is lined with metal barricades, numerous NYPD officers, and media vans such as eye witness, channel 1,7,11, and 41.