posted 2012-04-06 01:27:53

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This week: How to shape your brow

Emy Rodriguez

Beauty Expert

Every season fashion week trendsetters insist that your eyebrows look one way or another, never completely agreeing on a size or shape. One year brows are completely extinct and another year they can be bleached beyond bushy recognition. This season top make-up stylist Pat McGrath stomped the brow situation to the ground with the definite brow style of the year. Having set trends in 2009 for a camouflaged brow, this season she decided to reintroduce the hefty eyebrow (made famous by famous women from Audrey Hepburn to Madonna). Designers like Donna Karen and Valentino quickly took to using model’s thick eyebrows as a part of their collection: by introducing the thicker brow designers and beauty stylists are able to add a much more serious tone to their collections. So if you want to have the right brow style, it is time to lay off the waxing.

By teasing your brow and giving it a solid shape you’ll be able to do anything anywhere, from walking the cobble stoned streets of New York City to having drinks at a trendy uptown restaurant. The thicker brow also gives you a friendly but sophisticated look that is a for sure hit on any date. Here are a few suggestions for achieving a top brow.

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1. Grow your eyebrows out, but keep them controlled with a good pair of tweezers.

2. As your brows are growing make sure to keep the center area between both brows aligned and clean. A good trick for this is to make sure that your brows start around the area where your inner eyes begin. Each eye shape and brow are different but this usually helps out with knowing where to pluck and where not to.

3.Clean the ends of your eyebrows outlining its already formed shape. Don’t try to create a shape for your brows, just go with what’s already there. Eyebrow shapes can vary from person to person, but a simply trimmed shape is not only easy to achieve, but workable by any woman.

No matter what, always remember: thick brows may be in now, but monobrowing will never be.

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