posted 2011-11-18 14:47:46

Blood Manor: Terror in Soho

Popular Haunted House Has A Good Run

Rita Calviello

Contributing Writer

Blood Manor, a haunted house located in Soho, continued to deliver an intense horror experience, nearly a week after Halloween ended. Crowds of people waited patiently in line for hours at a time to experience the 5,000 square foot attraction comprised of 17 rooms. While the haunted house only lasted about 15-20 minutes, it was filled with horrific and graphic imagery to leave you scared for hours.


The rooms were separated by thin halls which were filled with darkness. There were roughly three high-quality digital screens that one could easily have mistaken for static advertisements. Each room featured a specific theme, designed to make the viewer forget where they were.


One screen, lying at the end of a long corridor, appeared to be a window, and through it a zombie could be seen feeding on a prop body. The timing was perfectly planned from the moment you walked in to the dark hall. The zombie sensed your presence, stopped feeding on a fake body to stare blankly at you. It jumped up and ran toward you at full speed.


It felt like the zombie was about to jump through the screen and grab you, but instead it slammed its head into the screen, making a loud impact of broken glass and blood splatter.


Elise Deming, a 26-year old graduate of SUNY Oneonta said, “The house was pretty elaborate. I really enjoyed looking at how much time and energy they put into each section. Some of the rooms were really ridiculous.”


People had to squeeze between bloody pigs hanging from their feet to get to the other room. The blood and guts looked so real that one couldn’t help but feel queasy while pushing through.


Spaces in the house proved to be deceiving, as some rooms stood completely still and appeared empty. The actors blending into those rooms could be standing right next to a group of people, and wouldn’t be recognized until they leaned forward within inches of one’s face, screaming “I’m gonna slit your throat!”


One area of Blood Manor had a huge cage with a person banging on the cage walls, trying to get out. As you walked forward, a stand-up bed is spotted with a woman tied to it. Before you got to the door, you heard a loud bang, and a woman moved upward from the bed as if she’s been electrocuted.


After leaving Blood Manor, Deming explained, “I thought I was going to be more scared than I was. I actually ended up laughing a bit, and was able to relax because you know they’re not going to hurt you. It’s more of how they’re going to startle you.”


The 3-D room was the most extravagant. While it was hard to distinguish between walls and characters, a grim-faced, angry clown in the corner of the room would stand unnoticed until he charged toward you, swinging an axe. Performers couldn’t touch anyone, but they still reached uncomfortably close.


The owner of Blood Manor gave free T-shirts to any person who wet their pants during the production. In its seventh year running, Blood Manor has continued to improve its quality, and give an outstanding theatrical performance, days after Halloween ended.