posted 2011-10-05 13:00:34

Brookdale Residents Showcase Talent in First Ever Open Mic Night

Eugene Ostrovskiy

Contributing Writer

On September 14, some of Hunter's Brookdale residents gathered to show off their talents at the dorm’s first ever Open Mic Night. In Brookdale's Game Room, participants were free to put on a show of whatever they wanted, resulting in a diverse mix of performances. The event mainly consisted of singing and guitar playing, but there were also performances with keyboards, harmonicas, poetry, rap music, and stand-up comedy.

The open mic lasted two hours and featured over 25 performances. With a crowd of over 100 students satisfied with the performances, Open Mic Night turned out to be a success.

Even the students who help run Brookdale and organized the event participated in the night’s festivities. One of the first performances was by Brookdale commissioner, Eric Yanez, who showed off his guitar playing skills.

As commissioner, he was crucial in making the event possible, but the idea of Open Mic Night originally came from Brookdale’s co-commissioner, Danny Ovryn, a junior majoring in physics.

"I came up with the idea because I wanted people who didn't know each other otherwise to get together and music is a good way to bring people together,” said Ovryn.

After being elected co-commissioner and speaking with Yanez, Ovryn discovered that Brookdale had enough resources to host the event, and learned many people would be interested in attending.

"Prior to organizing Open Mic Night, there were several meetings with new residents with decent feedback to the idea and this confirmed that we should do it" said Eric Yanez.

Realizing a lot of people would attend, Yanez has decided to include weekly council meetings during the events to draw an even larger attendance and inform more people of new policies, problems and events taking place at Hunter and the Brookdale dorms.

The council meeting during the first open mic installment addressed complaints from residents dealing with poor internet connectivity, coat drives and the NYPIRG. The meeting did not take up a great deal of time and was eventually followed up by more performances.

The residents who attended were overall happy with the success of the first open mic. Open Mic Night will take place every two weeks and all Hunter students are welcome to attend to watch their schoolmates perform.