posted 2012-10-25 13:25:11

Brookdale Tightens Security

Students now required to swipe ID to enter premises

Kimberly Milner

News Editor

Hunter College revamped its security protocol to enter Brookdale campus Oct. 10, now requiring students to swipe their ID cards to get past the complex’s gates. Residents were given a night’s notice before Public Safety stationed barricades and activated a new ID card reader by the entrance gates.

“I was under the assumption I would have knowledge about it when it came,” said Brookdale Commissioner, Eric Yanez, who said he wanted to inform residents about the new entrance verification system in advance.

Efforts to improve the appearance of the Brookdale courtyard started last year. Replacing the previously defunct security booth, which sat on cracked concrete, became another element of the courtyard’s facelift. Up until the renovations that leveled concrete by the entrance, signage asked guests to pardon the building’s appearance.

“I said to at least get that sign down,” said Yanez, who intended to give a facelift to the entrance that many felt was as an eyesore. Although Yanez said his initial intentions were to get the booth removed, not replaced, Hunter administration wanted to increase security at the campus that has already had 15 security incidents that included a burglary and several petit larcenies.

Many students have reacted negatively to the increased security, which they believed was unwarranted.

“I don’t see why it has been installed when you have to show your ID anyway. It will be a burden when it’s raining and you have things in your hands,” said junior and sociology major Stephanie Crystal.

But there are other potential inconveniences many residents believe will arise. Project Happy participants and other members outside the Hunter community who use Brookdale’s recreational and health facilities on the weekends will not be able to provide a Hunter ID to present at the entrance.

“We are aware that we will have minor issues to address and repair and we will hope to do that with your help,” said Luis E. Rolden, the assistant director of Residence Life office in an email to residents on Oct. 9, just hours before Public Safety occupied the booth for the first time.

The booth will be heated for use throughout the winter, and will be staffed with Welcome personnel.

The three building complex located at 25th Street and First Avenue jointly serves as a residence hall for over 600 students, and the college’s science campus for Hunter’s nursing program.