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The Hunter College Career Expo - Practice with professionals, and start preparing yourself for after graduation

The Career Expo of 2009. (Photo: Artem Altman/Career Development Services)
The Career Expo of 2009. (Photo: Artem Altman/Career Development Services)
Career Expo -Practice with professionals, and start preparing yourself for after graduation

Koo Kim

Contributing Writer

Jenady Garshofsky

Associate News and Features Editor

Prepare your resumes and interview skills; Career Expo is back. Career Expo, an annual event hosted by Career Development Services, will give students the opportunity to talk with current employers from multiple corporations in search of potential candidates for internships, part-time and full-time employment. The event will be held on March 9 in the Sportsplex, West Building, Lower Level, Room WB 301. It will be held for two hours, starting at 12:00pm.

Career Expo will provide an opportunity for students seeking jobs to have mock interviews, resume critiques and the chance to dress professionally. According to information attained from the CDS website, there will be more than 60 companies and organizations who are interested in Hunter College graduates. The list of participating employers includes names from private companies, city agencies, hospitals, educational institutions and some financial firms. CDS recommends that you pre-register online so that you can scan the various employers and ensure you have enough time for all of them. Bring multiple resumes, show enthusiasm for the company and your skills, dress professionally and be prepared ahead of time.

“This is an opportunity to get interview practice. People are constantly applying through databases, that they lose face time. It's a treat to be able to talk to so many people”, says Paula Wicklow, internship coordinator at Career Development Services.

During the event, resume critiques and career advice will be available to students. Career counselors will also be at the site to assist with career related issues and questions.

The Career Development Services office, located in room 805 of the East Building, has a trained staff to answer questions concerning obtaining a career, offer career counseling, and teach resume writing and interview skills. Students can increase their chances by gaining experience, the office contends. It maintains that doing research, preparing resumes and utilizing resources available at Hunter can make a difference in the long run. Whether it's an internship, developing communication skills, or joining a club, these attributes can ultimately make one student more attractive to a job position. Entering the job market blindly will deter students’ chances.

"Hunter College has great resources for students. Don't miss out on opportunities, take hold of them prior to when you need them," says Shayne Berstein, Associate Director, Corporate relations at CDS.

Despite a bleak job market, students should avoid seeking jobs only because they are in high demand on the job market. “ We help students on the path to following passion. Trends in the job market change. If you do well in your classes and get an internship, you will increase your opportunities”, says Olympia Gianno, staff member for CUNY CAP.

Even if you are not graduating this spring, Career Expo can be a great perspective to what awaits after college. Also, it doesn't matter how far along you are in terms of graduating. With extensive databases, online assessment tools and career counseling, the Career Development Services can do “ everything short of placing for a job”, says Artem Altman, Student Employment Services Assistant.

Words like resume and job-search may seem frightening, but with an array of resources available at Hunter College, students can familiarize themselves with the basics before graduating. Tiffany Huan, an upper sophomore majoring in Creative Writing plans to attend Career Expo. “ It's never too early to start thinking ahead. I think it's important to maximize my chances.”