posted 2012-02-01 10:19:38

Chancellor Goldstein Appearances Crashed by Protesters

John Bolger

News Editor

In the weeks following the removal of students from the Baruch lobby by security during the Nov. 21 CUNY board of trustees public hearing, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein was hounded by students and faculty who have disrupted multiple public appearances with boos and challenges to his leadership.

Students at a Dec. 4 speaking event at John Jay College addressed the CUNY chancellor with criticism for the $300 a year tuition hike passed on Nov. 28. Students spoke out about the difficulties of paying for increased tuition. Goldstein walked off stage amid chants of “shame!” shortly thereafter.

The chancellor appeared on “The Future of Higher Education” panel at the New School on Dec. 8 where students used the people’s microphone to crash the panel’s question and answer segment, barraging the chancellor with criticism and calls for his resignation.

The recent display of dissent at CUNY comes in the wake of several unpopular policy decisions, including the five-year tuition hikes, the provision of $15 million dollars for additional security, and the imposition of a new policy to homogenize general education at CUNY called “Pathways.”