posted 2012-09-21 04:29:31

Do it Yourself

How to make a floral headband  

Kaitlin McKendry and Apneet Kaur

Features Editors

Photo by Apneet Kaur
Flower crowns have recently become a staple of summer style. Made popular by crooner Lana del Rey as she rose to fame, seen on the runways of Candela’s SS’13 show this season at Fashion Week, as well as on popular street fashion websites, the crown is an easy statement piece to pull off. Our version costs under $5 to make, and is a great project to do with a friend on a weekend afternoon.

Materials found at home:

  • Pliers

  • Scissors

Materials bought at Family Dollar:

  • Headband $1

  • Floral tape $2

  • Faux flowers $1.50 Tacky glue (optional)


1. Begin by cutting each flower out of the bunch, leaving a one-inch bit of “stem” on each (this will help you attach the flowers).
2. If you bought a headband with a fabric covering, use scissors to cut it off, leaving it a plain plastic headband. It is easier to attach the flowers this way.

3. Decide how you want to place the flowers on the headband, considering how much height you want your headband to have and whether you want to concentrate more flowers on one side of the headband than the other. Consider colors and whether you want an alternating color scheme.
4. Using the floral tape and glue, begin to attach the flowers to the headband. Use the one-inch bit of stem as an anchor, wrapping it around the headband and securing it with either tape or glue. Depending on what type of headband you have, glue may work better than tape or vice versa.
5. Once the glue has dried, use the floral tape to cover any sharp or pointed edges.

If the flowers aren’t standing as you would like, use the tape to re-secure them in the style you want.

6. You’re done! Now make like Lana and hit the streets.

Photo by Apneet Kaur