posted 2012-09-21 19:18:04

Eat Here Now

Dining Review    

Bridgit Boulahanis

Managing Editor

Every college campus needs a good diner nearby. Whether students are looking for a quick bite, a place to study

or a greasy hangover remedy, the savvy scholar knows where to go to fill that need. At Hunter, the place to be is Eat Here Now. Eat Here Now is only four blocks from Hunter’s main campus, sunken slightly below street level on the corner of 65th street and Lexington avenue. While this is a couple blocks further from campus than Neil’s, the difference in overall quality is enough to justify the walk.

Eat Here Now is a classic New York diner in that it serves all types of food: you can order everything from roast beef to pancakes at this casual establishment. While any entree on their menu is solidly tasty, this restaurant truly shines with their breakfast items.

Their perfectly prepared eggs come with toast, hash browns or fries, and meat for an additional charge. The Corn Beef Hash with eggs will set you back $8.50, and while this may seem a bit pricey for a diner the food is more than worth it. Pair this order with a cup of their never-ending $1.50 coffee, and you will feel ready to tackle your next class. All of the breakfast items on the menu are deeply satisfying, and they have every toast variety you can think of: from bialys to English muffins! One thing to note is that Eat Here Now serves only turkey bacon, so those pork bacon fiends among us may want to select a different menu item.
The sandwiches and burgers are solid, but nothing to write home about. For example, their “Asparagus Delight”—a hot sandwich with ham, swiss cheese, asparagus, and tomatoes—looks delicious, but fails to deliver on the “delight” half

of its title. The tomatoes made the bread soggy, and the unwieldy sandwich quickly became a bit too damp for this reviewer’s taste. The Chicken Souvlaki was more of a hit, which came with Greek salad and French fries, and a generous portion of tzatziki (white sauce) on the side. These sandwiches cost $10.95 and $12.95, respectively.

Another area in which Eat Here Now excels is in its service. Food consistently comes to the table within ten minutes of ordering, a major plus for those of us ducking in for a quick bite between classes. The same staff of friendly waitresses can be found there almost every day. The usual staff, Debra and Veronica, greet regular customers with a smile and are always willing to answer questions or customize orders.
Eat Here Now also has a portion of their menu dedicated to those on a diet. Called “Diet Delights,” this slightly limited section includes seafood, fish and turkey. On the other end of the spectrum, the rumor around campus is that Eat Here Now has delectable desserts. They offer a wide selection of cakes, pies and specialty desserts, all for fewer than five dollars. Apple pie à la mode for $4.95? Sign me up!

The atmosphere of Eat Here Now is exactly what you would expect from a diner. With many tables and a tendency to be jam-packed during the busy hours, it can get a bit loud. However, they manage to keep the temperature cool enough in the summer and warm enough come winter, despite their large windows overlooking Lexington Avenue. If you can get one of their booths you are sure to have a pleasant dining experience accompanied by interesting people-watching.