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An expert’s guide to looking fabulous this summer

Emy Rodriguez

Beauty Expert

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For girls, getting ready for a day out takes more than just a splash of foundation, some eyeliner, and maybe a little lip gloss. Every girl has to take into consideration where she is going and what she’ll be doing.

If it’s a bright picnic in Central Park then a little primer and foundation will go a long way. If it’s a casual lunch with your beloved’s parents then some pinch o’ peach powdered blush and some light copper eye shadow can do the trick. If you’re going out on a midnight stroll through town then black cat eyes and a red lipstick can add a little excitement to your night! But before applying any type of make-up you have to have a solid template. Don’t worry damsels who distressed reading that last sentence: if you don’t have a template yet, read on and be rescued.

One look that is a template, but also a fresh-faced summer hit, is a healthy natural radiant rosy look. This radiant glow is easy to achieve and healthy for your skin. You can alter this look during the day with softer tones in blush and eye shadow, but also spice it up at night by adding a little color to your eyes.

Starting off with a freshly washed face and using a primer is a good way to begin. It makes whichever foundation you are using blend in better, therefore resulting in a much cleaner more natural look when applying make-up. A primer also helps with delivering that fresh look. One good trick to applying primer and foundation is to apply brushing away from your face. Using an outward motion when applying makes the two products blend in better and create one solid color on your skin.

Having two tones in between your face and your neck is a common mistake that many girls make, to avoid this apply foundation all the way from your décolletage up. This helps with blending and keeps the radiant affect that you’ll have on your face matching your body.. Here are a few steps to achieving a natural look that is a for sure hit this summer.

1. Grab a good eye treatment skincare product and some concealer, dab a little from both and mix together. Pat the mixture around the eyes making sure to cover both areas entirely. This helps with getting rid of bags, not to mention that blending the area around your eyes achieves the radiant effect we’re looking for. If you notice a little mismatching feel free to add more concealer to even out the edges, but beware adding more plain concealer to areas directly underneath your eyes will result in mismatching and bags will appear. Use concealer on your cheekbones and brow area.

2. To get a soft rosy cheek, use a blush and pressed powder that are pinkish in nature. Sweep a brush over the blush, and then use the same brush to dabble in the pressed powder, roll the brush on the back of your hand one or two times to mix the powders and release any excess color. Use the brush to blend the mixture over your cheekbones, start by tapping on the apples of your cheeks then blend by sweeping from the middle of your ear to the tip of the nose. Lastly take a small tissue and lightly spray with water, softly pat your cheeks with the tissue to remove any unwanted color.

3. If you want a more sun-kissed look you can add a light bronzer to your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Start with a swooping motion on your forehead near your temples and slowly travel downwards towards your cheeks in circular motions till you get down to your chin.

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4. Before adding lip color, use a prep + prime lip pencil to moisturize your lips. This gives your lips a younger plump look and softens the color of which ever lipstick you choose. Softening the color of a lipstick will give you a more natural lip look.

5. Finding the right eye shadow can be tricky, if you’re trying to achieve an all natural look then stay away from overtly colorful shadows and go for more pinkish or cream ones. One way to make this look really stand out is to find an eye shadow that is metallic/mineral based. This adds a little flair to your look.

Staying rosy this summer is impossible without a good cleanser and moisturizer. Find one that fits your skin texture and provides the best results. Remember ladies, rosy cheeks are in this summer, but red blotches are not.