posted 2012-10-05 21:59:41

Everyone Should Shut Up About Lady Gaga’s Ass

The media won’t accept that Gaga was born this way

Niyah Pitters

Contributing Writer

Lately, pop-culture media has scrutinized and obsessed over Lady Gaga’s supposed weight gain, but it seems that I’m the only one who doesn’t care. It is not a pop star’s job to be a size zero, but mainstream media disagrees. This story follows the plethora of stories before it, about the usually svelte star that has packed on the pounds, or the ever-common tragedy of best and worst stars without makeup. It’s a tossup between what’s worse, the fact the media still carelessly pumps this stuff out, or that they think so low of the general public as to believe we would care.

This all started after pictures of Lady Gaga performing during the European leg of her World tour were released. Two in particular seemed to have garnered the most response. One of the photos had Gaga in a meat leotard, a new take on her famous meat dress, nothing unusual considering the subject. However, the focus of this photo was Lady Gaga’s larger thighs, indicating she has put on weight. Big headline right? This didn’t stop the not-so-occasional bad joke I heard on TV, about Lady Gaga eating the meat dress being the cause of her weight gain. The second photo shows her in another leotard, but this time her fishnets are riding down. Certainly the photo wasn’t Gaga’s best, but it definitely did not deserve the attention it got. I assumed, as I thought that everyone did, that maybe the photo appeared that way because she was in the middle of performing a rigorous two hour concert of 55,000 people and was shot from a bad angle. Whatever the true reason was, people took it as an opportunity to dig at her. I was in disbelief at the horrific comments I read accompanying these articles. A couple commenters on one of the many articles responded to the photos by calling them “vomit inducing.” Another wrote, “That’s what you call fuller figure. I must be a hippo.”

It’s not Lady Gaga’s job to fit the media’s ideal of beauty or size and it shouldn’t be anyone’s job to report about it either. It is actually the exact opposite of what Gaga has built her whole career on. She’s the girl who has defined beauty for herself and has told her fans to do the same. She’s the girl with the outrageous dresses, that are the polar opposite of what most pop stars would wear or consider pretty. She’s the girl who doesn’t look like a Barbie doll in every music video she has. I would think that the media would celebrate a pop star that starts away from the norm or does nothing but preach positivity and love as Gaga constantly does, not cut them down for being human.

Not only are the everyday updates on Lady Gaga’s weight unnecessary, but they are extremely careless. We don’t need to know how she gained the weight or how much. Even the rude rumors, that she might be pregnant or that her label is forcing her to get new clothes for her tour are careless. What does this kind of scrutiny tell girls that have bodies similar to Lady Gaga’s to think about themselves? Coming from me, a girl who isn’t a size two, the scrutiny does hit home. The media outlets are so careless, they did not even check to realize that Lady Gaga is an admitted sufferer of bulimia and anorexia, something she has previously spoken out about. What does this scrutiny do to her as a person away from the persona? Now, eating disorders are only on the rise. From 1999 to 2006, eating disorders have risen an astounding 199%. It seemed we were making progress with the social media blocking pro-anorexia searches, but this coverage tells me otherwise.

Media scrutiny is as much to blame as everyday people. If we admit it or not, celebrities are looked up to by millions of people. We try to live up to the pedestal we force them upon, without realizing that pedestal is completely fake. They are what some aspire to be, and the demands we put on them only increase the demands we put on ourselves. Celebrities are human beings who sleep and eat just like the rest of us.

Lady Gaga should be applauded for always encouraging her fans to be themselves. We should applaud her for her successful sold-out Born This Way world tour, which has been hailed as innovative and beautiful by critics, and magnificent by attendees.

In light of the attack, Lady Gaga did something I think is great. She created an extension of her Born This Way Foundation called A Body Revolution. She says the purpose of A Body Revolution is to “Be brave and celebrate with us your ‘perceived flaws,’ as society tells us. May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous.” With this declaration, Lady Gaga and various others posted pictures of their “perceived flaws” to her fan site.

For Lady Gaga to expose herself, and to accept herself despite her struggles or backlash, inspires me. I am sure it will have great long-lasting effects. This is what the media should do: it needs to lift those who overcome their struggles and accept them because they are human. This scrutiny of others and the outspoken judgment is destroying everyone’s perception of themselves. If the media can’t understand or realize that, they should just shut up.