posted 2012-02-16 16:56:43

Faculty and Students Discuss Nov. 21 Baruch Lobby Protest

Bridgit Boulahanis

Features Editor

A meeting of students, staff, and faculty was held at the CUNY Graduate Center on Feb. 8 to discuss the implications and ramifications of the Nov. 21 Baruch lobby protest. The meeting was organized by a group of distinguished professors to discuss the Nov. 21 incident with Chancellor Matthew Goldstein. According to the event facilitators, Goldstein was invited and initially agreed to attend, but then cancelled because he wanted to wait for the release of Kroll’s evaluation of the lobby incident before he met with students and faculty.

Approximately fifty attendees gathered in the Graduate Center cafeteria.  The diverse crowd included a representative from the Media Service Technicians Union, numerous students and faculty, as well as Sandi Cooper, Chair of the University Faculty Senate. Though the focal point of the meeting was the Nov. 21 protest and CUNY's response, there was also discussion as to whether or not Kroll was capable of releasing an impartial report, which most present at the meeting doubted considering CUNY's extensive background with Kroll.

Facilitators also took time to plan for future actions, about which one distinguished professor said, “we have to protect the students. It is our job to create a buffer zone.”