posted 2012-04-07 02:01:52

Hey, Hunter! What’s in Your Bag?

Danielle Jude Langois

Staff Writer

Dandara Motta: Biology major, Chemistry minor, Geography minor ’14
This edition of “What’s in your Bag?” would be more aptly titled “What’s on your Bag?” Even though Dandara has one major and two minors, she does not carry much in her bag at once. Her smart approach to keeping a bag light is to put the extra load in a gym locker and then take the extra content out for her commute home. This is a great idea for any student registered to use the gym, and doesn’t want to lug books around all day. Dandara enjoys wearing her interests on her back; she is a big fan of the band Darling Parade, the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, and the show Family Guy.

Inside: Two notebooks, Folder Outside, Clockwise: Pins: Guitar, Canadian flag, Darling Parade, Jack Skellington skateboard, American flag Statue of Liberty. Rubix Cube, Peace sign, Stewie from Family Guy, Bear working out, Brazilian flag.