posted 2012-10-25 13:24:23

Hunter Alumnus Claims to be CIA Operative, Arrested at Kingsborough Community College

John Bolger

News Editor

A Hunter College alumnus was arrested at Kingsborough Community College Oct. 2 before noon when he entered the campus claiming to be a Ukrainian operative for the CIA, according to a Public Safety source. The former student demanded to see the college president and claimed to have urgent national security information.

The former student, who transferred to Hunter from Kingsborough, was issued a notice of trespass, but then crumbled the notice into a ball and the threw it in a Public Safety officer’s face, the source said. He was then arrested and brought to Brooklyn’s 61st precinct where he was processed and then moved to the Brooklyn Correctional Facility, where he spent the night before his arraignment the following day. According to New York State court documents, he was charged with making unreasonable noise (a disorderly conduct violation) and resiting arrest (a misdemeanor).

According to the Public Safety source, when the former student was not permitted to speak to the Kinsgsborough president, he said that that he was going to try to give the alleged national security information to Hunter College President Jennifer Raab.

The day after the incident, the Hunter alumnus’ photo was distributed to the West Lobby Welcome Desk and various other college entrance posts, with the instruction not to allow the former student on campus. As of this writing, the student has allegedly not tried to enter Hunter College property since the incident. 

The defendant was adjudicated in contemplation of dismissal; if he does not get arrested again in six months his charges will be dropped.