posted 2011-04-27 12:00:35

Hunter Celebrates Library Day - Students and Faculty Honored

Hunter Celebrates Library Day

Students and Faculty Honored

Yevgeniy Ostrovskiy

Contributing Writer

The accomplishments of Hunter's students and faculty were celebrated this Library Day as part of National Library Week. Library Day is held annually at Hunter to honor successful research and publications by students and faculty.

Library Day took place on Friday, April 8 in the main branch of Hunter’s library.  This Library Day would be the last one held in the current library, as the third floor of the library will be modernized this summer.

The event began with musical performances by Hunter students accompanied by a slideshow of recent staff publications.

Mark Hauber, a Hunter Psychology professor and an editor for Ethology, was the guest speaker. Hauber offered the audience valuable advice on doing research. When asked how he is able to publish articles in scientific journals every two weeks, he emphasized the need for consistent dedication and long hours.

“By the time you see me every morning, I’ve already spent about an hour or two working on a journal.”

He added, "data is like wine, and gets better with time.”

His presentation was followed by clips of the faculty-made films: "Keepers of Eden" and "Saturnalia.”

Research done by Hunter students was also acknowledged. Those honored had participated in the library sponsored-competition for students for best research paper and best book review.  Winning pieces were written in both undergrad and graduate level courses.

Faculty publications were honored following the student ceremony. Specifically, there was a book signing featuring faculty works before closing remarks by Hunter College Chief Librarian, Dan Cherubin. “I am glad that we had a good turnout because it is important to acknowledge student and faculty accomplishments,” he said.

He added, referring to the upcoming renovations to the library, “I also hope the new space will be bigger and better.”