posted 2012-02-01 11:21:49

Hunter North 10th Floor Construction

Kimberly Devi Milner

Staff Writer

Several of Hunter North’s 10th floor computer labs were rewired over winter break. The labs were closed for a week in mid-January for construction. At the start of the spring semester all labs except Lab A reopened. “That wiring was 10 years old,” said Chief Information Officer, Franklin Steen, “Now all the labs have new wiring.” According to ICIT, the new wiring is neater and will accommodate faster Internet service.

Lab A is still undergoing construction because the adjoining computer science lab is expanding. ICIT says a wall has been erected in the lab to better optimize space, and new computers are being installed.

According to the Computer Science department, the lab will soon open as a classroom for the study of Stochastic Discrete Event Processing headed by Professor Felisa Vázquez-Abad. The classroom will be divided into a lab and an office. According to the department, Abad was promised the lab when she joined the faculty at Hunter.

Other winter developments included four added computers to the student computer lab C-104 of Hunter North. “There’s lots of classes on the C-level and students now have a computer lab there,” said Steen.