posted 2012-11-21 21:06:44

Hunter Provides Navigation For Small Claims Court Woes

Students, alumni, and other citizens flocked to NYPIRG’s first Small Claims Court Action Center (SCCAC) training session. NYPIRG’s Regional Campus Supervisor, Ted Traver, and Program Coordinator, Megan Ahearn, attended Hunter to deliver the training. The training focused on the procedure of how SCCAC assists those who are intending to use the small claims court. Participants at the meeting also discussed several hypothetical caller situations, allowing further understanding of their role in this process. SCCAC members will do outreach to the local courts, and work with clerks and judges to promote this free service to citizens.

Each day New York citizens are deceived by business, whether they’ve purchased a shoddy product, baselessly lost a security deposit, or received an inadequate service. These consumers can find justice by representing themselves in the small claims court. It isn’t uncommon for those who have pursued their case in the small claims court to have an uneasy time finding legitimate help. Also, with recent budget cuts affecting the New York court system- changing things like hours of operation - the Small Claims Court and Consumer Action Information Centers, a service offered by Hunter’s NYPIRG chapter, are more important than ever.

“This is a great opportunity to partake in a unique service that exposes one to the process of the courts and legal systems and is rewarding for anyone who is a fan of justice. We’ll begin doing outreach to local courts and other free lawyer services to up the frequency of calls to the Hunter office,” remarked Hunter’s Project Coordinator, Royce Stuteville.
Throughout the semester, NYPIRG SCCAC members will be fielding calls from concerned citizens who find themselves about to embark on a battle in the small claims court. This free service is a unique one, and provides participants experience in the legal and court systems that may be otherwise difficult to find. Additional SCCAC training sessions will occur throughout the semester.

NYPIRG, the New York Public Interest Research Group, is New York’s largest non-partisan, not-for-profit, student advocacy organization. They have been working on issues ranging from higher education to consumer protection since 1973. If you are interested, you should reach out to Royce Stuteville, the Project Coordinator for NYPIRG at Hunter College. He can be reached at hunter@, or by stopping by the NYPIRG office, TH 314.