posted 2011-04-27 12:00:28

Hunter Students Raise Money for Cancer Research

Hunter Students Raise Money for Cancer Research

Tracy Neiman

News Editor

Baruch and Hunter students came together on Friday, April 1 to raise money for cancer research and patient support.

Over 1,000 students and 88 teams participated in the American Cancer Society's flagship fundraiser, Relay for Life, hosted in the Baruch College gymnasium. As of The Envoy's publication, $75,721.50 was raised, but fundraising will continue well into summer before a final number is determined.

The top three teams were Women in Business, Baruch College Student Life, and Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, all from Baruch College.

Curtis Laraque, a senior and Cultural Affairs Commissioner on the Hunter Undergraduate Student Government (USG), has participated in Relay for Life all four years that he's been at Hunter.  This year, he is part of the Hunter Rockin' USG, which raised $710. According to Laraque, Hunter's participation in the event has varied. This year, he noted, there was increased Hunter participation compared to 2010, but Hunter saw the most participation in 2009.

"There were a lot more people here than last year," Laraque said, but "over the years [Relay for Life] has been a fun experience."

He added, "lots of people that don't usually come together are [together at Relay]."

Participants set up camp on the gym floor and spent the night walking their team banners around the gym and continuing to raise money through a variety of activities. Activities included dodge ball, volleyball, karaoke, DDR, and video game duels. There were also concessions for sale throughout the evening.

“I’m enjoying it, [but] I don’t know what to expect,” said Wankairys Decena, a first-time Relay for Life participant who spent the night walking around, lending support to team mates, and participating in the belly dancing activity. Decena is a Hunter senior from the Hunter XAE Honor Society, which raised nearly $400.

The night, however, was not just about fundraising and fun. Ultimately, the event honored those fighting cancer and commemorated those whose lives were lost to the disease. In particular, the hour-long Luminaria Ceremony served to honor all who have been affected by cancer.

Relay for Life participant and part-time Hunter student, Ravendra Persaud, perhaps summed it up best: "We relay to preserve hope against all odds. Though research has yet to find a cure for the disease, Relay for Life is medicine for all who have been affected by it, loved ones and survivors alike."