posted 2012-10-24 12:25:39

Hunter Voices

How do you feel about this year’s elections in particular, and voting in general?

Reporter Luthfun Jui Nahar hit the hallways to find out     

I haven’t really been caught up with it. I haven’t really formed an opinion. I think voting is an outlet to have your voice heard. You  elect who you want as president.

Giselle Jack, biology, 24

A lot of people are leaning towards Obama. I am not sure if I want to vote or not. I don’t know if voting works. I should I know, but I don’t.

Hammond Liang, Media Studies, 21

I can’t vote because I’m not a citizen. Overall, I am not into politics. If I could, I would vote for Obama. I think everyone should go out and vote and not waste the opportunity.

Nida Khawaja, Psychology, 20

I think voting is very important. If you don’t vote, then you are not supposed to complain about what’s going on.

Lisa Dunkley, Math Education, 31

We need to reorganize and find a way to represent more people because we live under a democracy. This is the first time I get to vote. I think it’s important. But i hate that i have to vote either democrat or republican.

Julia Gorbach, Media Studies, 21

I am not a fan of this year’s election. Both representatives are missing points that are important. They are misleading the people by pandering to whatever they want. I feel like most of the time people think voting is about who is most famous.

Rabia Rana, Creative Writing/Eng, 21

I don’t have any interest in elections. It’s a dull matter to me.

Michele Li, Chemistry, 19

Voting in general never really did anything. Although, we “have a say,” it’s ultimately the big-money corporations and lobbyists that have the real influence on the politicians.

Abner Jay, Political Science, 21

This year’s elections is important. Everyone 18 or older should be registered. Issues like health care are very important, particularly for young people. They may have to pay for their grandparents healthcare, if Obamacare is reversed.

Alan Sommerman, Auditor, 64

It’s not as groundbreaking. When Obama was first running, it was sensational. He was the first black president. People are over it. So people treat it as just another election. The next sensational thing is when we have a woman running.

Maria Pogroszewska, Political Science, 19