posted 2012-10-15 19:14:40

Joyce Carol Oates Reading at Hunter


Joyce Carol Oates reading from her book .Photo by
Joyce Carol Oates signing signing her book. Photo by Eddy Boguslavsky
On Tuesday Oct. 9, Joyce Carol Oates gave a reading in The Writing Center. She read a couple of her Edward Hopper-influenced poems, along with the short story, "San Quentin." After the reading, the event was opened up to questions. People asked her about her inspirations, influences, and plans. Then there was a book signing, in which Oates was very gracious, and spoke with students and community members. Oates will be back, speaking for The Writing Center, CE on November 27th. She was here as this semester's "Gerta Vanderbilt Whitney Connor Guest Writer" for The Writing Center, CE which is a nonprofit that holds free literary and thought provoking talks every semester.