posted 2012-09-21 18:51:52

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am concerned by the threat of a nuclear Iran and the risk it poses to the United States. Media coverage has ignored this threat as they instead focus on the supposedly looming “threat” of a pre- emptive Israeli attack on Iranian facilities. However, the history of the actions and rhetoric of the Iranian regime reflects a clearly hostile intent against the United States. From the Tehran Hostage Crisis in 1979 to Iranian-backed groups killing US service members in Iraq, the Iranian government has a pattern of attacking American soldiers and civilians alike.

The simple fact alone that the Iranian moniker for the US is the “Great Satan” should remind us that while the people of Iran may and likely are friends of America and emulators of her values, their government is not. Their Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khomeini, has said that it is natural and unavoidable for Iran to be in conflict with the United States.

Their top leaders have threatened to cut off the Straight of Hormuz, a lifeline not only for America but for her allies trying to import oil and natural gas from the Persian Gulf. Iranian military leaders have pledged to wipe out our bases in the region in the event of an Israeli attack. They see no distinctions between Israeli and the United States, and neither should we.
Recent efforts by Iranian agents to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US on American soil should remind us that the more we forget the threat the Iranian regime poses to us, the more we as Americans stand to lose. We cannot allow such a threat to bear fruit.


Justin Goldstein, Hunter Class of 2015 Hasbara Fellow Hasbara Fellowships