posted 2012-04-07 16:36:07

Library to Close During Spring Break for Renovations

New entrance to open on seventh floor

Andrew Rice

Contributing Writer

In order to accommodate the ongoing renovations to Hunter College’s Wexler Library, the library will be closed this spring break from April 6 to April 11. During this time renovations will occur to the third floor and a new entrance to the library will open up on the seventh floor when the library reopens towards the end of spring break.

For the past several months, the third floor of the Wexler Library has been shrouded in caution tape and plastic sheets in preparation for the spring break renovations. The third floor entrance, normally bustling with students using the provided computers, is now empty save for the circulation desk and students passing through to the elevators.

The third floor renovations, set to be completed by the end of 2012 will be the first phase of the project intended to introduce more open space to students as well as provide a technological upgrade to the library which first opened in 1979, when enrollment was roughly two fifths what it is today. Every floor of the library will be renovated for this project.

“There isn’t enough space here for students. Not enough places to study, not enough outlets, and not enough group areas. With the student feedback we’ve collected, we’ll be able to meet their needs,” said Daniel Cherubin, the chief librarian at Hunter College.

Part of the plans for the third floor include reconfiguring the floor’s layout and replacing the book shelves in an effort to maximize floor space. A computer lab that used to be on the third floor has been temporarily moved to the sixth floor until the third floor renovations are completed. Additionally, several hundred journals have been removed and converted to digital formats. Additional collections which were previously unavailable have also been added to the library’s digital repertoire.

With the increased floor space there will be new study areas, chairs, and tables. Each of the tables will have several outlets and more will line the walls. The new library is also set to have expanded wireless capabilities.

Sitting on the seventh floor bridge, Lily Cheung, 21, majoring in Psychology, said she had mixed feelings about the new entrance because she enjoyed the quiet atmosphere of the seventh floor, where she said she often eats and studies. “There will probably be a lot of people sitting here who will probably need to find another place to go,” she said. However she acknowledged that the new entrance would be convenient in that students will be able enter the library without needing to go down to the third floor.

“I think that the the seventh floor entrance will be helpful,” said Erika Cerino, a 27-year-old Media Studies major. She added that students would need to be patient with the temporary disruption while the third floor entrance was closed.