posted 2012-05-02 23:15:41

May Day 2012 in Photographs

May Day, a call for a global general strike, hit the streets of New York City. Protests took place at Bryant Park, Times Square, Madison Square Park, Sara D. Roosevelt Park, SoHo, Chinatown, Union Square, Broadway and the Financial District.Photographs are arranged chronologically.

NYPD protects Bank of America Tower at the start of May Day.

Protesters march down West 45th Street.

Protesters march through Times Square.

Traffic is disrupted as protesters march towards Park Avenue on 41st Street.

Riot police prepare to remove demonstrators from the sidewalk in front of the Capital Grille on East 42nd Street.

 Entrance to the Free University at Madison Square Park.

At Sara D. Roosevelt Park on E. Houston Street protesters hold a banner which conceals three metal bars. NYPD officers confiscated the metal bars prior to the "Wildcat" march.

Two protesters arrested at the start of the Wildcat march, triggering a reverse in march direction as crowd takes off unfettered into SoHo and China Town.

Wildcat march passes Bowery on Hester Street.

Wildcat march passes Mott Street.

Wildcat Protester runs from NYPD officers with barricades up Broadway.

Plain clothed NYPD sergeant attempts to stop marcher as protesters pull to release him. The marcher eventually escapes.

Mass convergence at Union Square.

An artist creates sand art in Union Square.

The "Bike Bloc" delays progress of permitted parade down Broadway.

NYPD helicopter flies over parade.


All photographs and captions by Jenady Garshofsky and John Bolger.