posted 2012-04-07 16:11:42

Napper’s Delight

The scoop on catching some zZzs at Hunter

Kaitlin McKendry

Staff Writer

Students nap at Hunter College. Photo by Apneet Kaur
Ever notice that some people seem to be tired all the time, constantly uttering the phase “I’m so tired” or “I just want to sleep”? Chances are you have a friend that fits said description, and looking around Hunter it is pretty apparent that college kids are often on the sleepy side. Luckily for you tired folk, Hunter has a myriad of different sleep spots. Whether you are running on empty and need to pass out, or you just need a catnap, there is a place for you to catch some Z’s.

In a random survey, two out of four Hunter students said they have taken a nap on campus. Perhaps you, like many students, have pulled an all-nighter. This form of studying can leave students in serious need of some rest and perhaps an on-campus nap. They aren’t the only justification for a little campus snooze though, according to English Language Arts major Kayla Barry, 20, “I don’t believe in all-nighters because I am completely non-functional when running on no sleep.” Barry is instead a fan of studying with sporadic on-campus naps and usually opts to sleep in the library.

The most popular place to sleep for Hunter students (by far) is in one of the many armchairs located all around campus. For Larry Sass-Ainsworth, 18, the armchairs are the ideal location for a nap. “I nap wherever I can find one,” said the upper freshman. The armchairs are located all over Hunter (as if you didn’t know) but sometimes they can be hard to find, especially during the busy times of the day. I, for one, have hopped from floor to floor searching for an empty chair, with no success. Luckily, there’s no reason to stress; thereare a few other places to check before you give up on your siesta.

If you aren’t one who cares about being stared at, then there is really nothing stopping you from kicking back on one of the ledges of our skybridges. For the shyer napper, the study nooks on the 1st floor of the library are quite isolated (and usually empty!) and if you find one in the corner, you will have the privacy you want. If you want total privacy then you can always make like a savvy napper and reserve a library study room for your “studying needs.”

As I’m sure you all know, joining a club is an excellent way to make new friends. If you have been thinking of joining a club, consider this: if the club you are interested in has an official room, you can hang in that room whenever it’s open, and by hang I mean nap. Joining a club has more benefits than you thought, huh?

Now that it is getting warmer out, there is the ever-tempting possibility of taking your nap time endeavors to the outside world. For those who enjoy the outdoors, I would recommend either of Hunter’s terraces, located on the 8th floor of the West and North buildings. If you are craving a more isolated slumber, you can kick back in the newly opened Poses Park, located on 68th St. in between Lexington Avenue and 3rd Avenue. To enter, make sure you have your Hunter ID.

Whether you pulled an all-nighter last night or just simply could use a nap, there is a cozy spot at Hunter with your name on it. College is tough, but lucky for us, naps work like a human reset button. Kick back and rest up, Hunter!