posted 2012-03-06 21:00:51

NYPD Spies on Muslims

The NYPD has been engaged in a domestic surveillance campaign of Muslims situated inside and outside of New York, the Associated Press reported.

Last semester is was revealed by the AP that the NYPD had been spying on Muslim Student Associations at CUNY, including Hunter College. New reports indicate that the NYPD had also spied on out-of-state institutions, such as Yale University, as well as Muslim-owned businesses and places of worship in Newark, New Jersey.

Faculty at Hunter and many citizens throughout the Northeast are enraged by the allegations against the NYPD and many members of the faculty have signed petitions calling for an investigation into the extent of the spying on CUNY campuses.

In her report to the Hunter College Senate Feb. 22, President Jennifer Raab discussed the college’s commitment to support Muslim students, adding “we do not have any evidence or knowledge of surveillance on campus.”

John Bolger, additional reporting by Jenady Garshofsky