posted 2012-10-24 12:22:02

NYPIRG Voter Registration

Thousands of New Yorkers registered to vote in the subways this week before Friday’s deadline in a drive by the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG). College volunteers took to the subways across the city in a non-partisan effort that has registered 30,000 students and straphangers for the Presidential Elections. With Friday as the deadline to mail in a registration form, the group reported intense interest from new registrants.

“We’ve registered more than 5,000 voters this week across the five boroughs alone,” said Kristina Andreotta, NYPIRG’s Voter Mobilization Campaign Coordinator.

The group reported that close to 100 voters an hour filled out forms at the Union Square subway station earlier

in the week. Outer borough sites and college campuses across the state were all registering large numbers of voters, as well. The 30,000 number reported by the group included almost 6,000 registered for National Voter Registration Day on Sept. 25th and more than 18,000 students on CUNY, SUNY and other college campuses since the beginning of the semester.

“There’s been intense interest from citizens across the city and state to make sure they can vote in this year’s elections,” said Neal Rosenstein, NYPIRG’s Elections Specialist. “With the tightening Presidential election, it’s clear New Yorkers want their voices heard this November. While we registered thousands, it’s time to update the state’s antiquated election laws by enacting reforms like Election Day registration and enfranchising all the state’s eligible voters,” he added.
Just a hair under 1,500 Hunter students were registered by NYPIRG’s efforts since the beginning of the semester.

Many Hunter students aided in this voter registration season by participating at one of the many voter registration drives that were offered.

NYPIRG’s Hunter chapter will next be planning to educate students on their voting rights, and for first time voters, familiarize these students with what to expect when they get to the polls in November.

For questions about voting, or for ways to be a part of educating the Hunter student body about these issues, and the many other that NYPIRG is involved with, one should visit the NYPIRG office in Thomas Hunter (TH) 314, or send an email to: hunter@