posted 2012-03-21 22:20:31

Overheard Around Campus

Do you think birth control should be covered under health insurance plans?

Alexandra Heidler

Staff Writer

“It should be covered because it’s very expensive. It usually costs $75 for one cycle; that’s a lot of money each month for a student. If you don’t have insurance you can’t just go to a doctor. Where are you supposed to go? What are you supposed to do? ”

–Anna Preto, 20, Media Studies Major




“Birth control should be covered. Even though insurance is a private institution, it should cover everything related to health services. That includes contraception, maybe even abortions.”

–Jesse Cabrera, 19, Geography Major





“I believe it should be covered because if you’re going to reduce abortions, having birth control is going to help avoid unexpected pregnancies. Birth control is important for people in relationships who don’t want to have to deal with paying so much for condoms, and it takes away the urgency of having to go and get protection. It also helps regulate hormone levels. I know guys who take birth control to help with hormone levels which cause acne. So it’s not just women who take birth control because they want to be irresponsible. ”

–Stephen Lemon, 20, Music Major


“I think they should be covered because it’s involved with health. Insurance providers shouldn’t be picking what should be covered and what should not. Religion should not be involved when deciding what

to cover.”

–Alexandra Juarez, 21, Language Arts Major




“I think birth control should be covered when it is beneficial for some- one medically. Like trying to avoid getting pregnant while you’re trying to go to school, or when it helps regulate certain conditions. But there should also be an age limit for when you’re offered birth control.”

–Candice Quintyne, 20, History and Pred-Med Major



“I think it depends on the circumstances because there are people who need it medically. But if it’s offered across the board by insurance I think there should be some more regulation.”

–Damarez Frances, 20, History and Anthropology Major