posted 2012-04-07 16:05:43


“Why did you choose to apply to Hunter?”

as asked to prospective students touring Hunter

Alexandra Heidler

Staff Writer

“I chose Hunter because all of the staff seemed really caring. There are a lot of opportunities and it’s a school I can graduate from debt-free. I don’t have to worry each semester if I’m going to be able to pay the tuition. ”

–Alec Burroughs, 18

“I heard they have a visual arts program that’s really good. I’ve also applied to the Macaulay Honors Program.”

–Eleanora Kukuy, 18

“Hunter has the best value and the same courses as other schools that cost 5 times as much. A lot of the teachers here at the Anthropol- ogy department teach at places like Columbia or NYU, so what’s the point if you can get the same classes here? I also love the neighbor- hood. ”

–Lauren Christopher, 17

“I’ve heard a lot about the medical programs at Hunter. They have a good reputation. I applied to Hunter as my first choice.”

–Vlad Melmin, 17

“My high school is a sort of medically inclined school, so I’m hoping to continue my medical studies at Hunter.”

–Daniel Amusin, 18

“I’m trying to weigh whether I want to go to a city, state, or private school. I live in the Bronx so transportation-wise it would be easy for me to come to Hunter.”

–Brianna Bell, 17