posted 2011-11-22 14:19:11

Photographs from the Baruch protest on 11/21

Gabriel Eszterhas at head of struggle to seal the lobby entrance. Photo by John Bolger

Confrontation between Campus Peace Officers and CUNY students in the lobby of the Vertical Building at Baruch College. Photo by Mimiko Watanabe
Peace Officers hold batons waiting for orders shortly before the eruption. Gabriel Eszterhas, Vice President of Administration and Finance stands in front . Photo by John Bolger 
Campus Peace Officer wields a baton. Photo by Mimiko Watanabe

John Mckee, Director of Public Safety at City College, lowers megaphone shortly after aborting a warning to the crowd mid-sentence.   Gabriel Eszterhas stands in the background.  Photo by John Bolger

Gabriel Eszterhas directing officers. Three NYPD officers are visible in this photograph. Photo by John Bolger

This photograph shows three positively identified NYPD officers, two of which standing directly behind the surge frontline. There are two unconfirmed NYPD officers also in this photo, both potentially ranking sergeant or higher.  Photo by John Bolger

Two NYPD officers standing behind the front line. They are both ranked sergeant or higher, as indicated by their hats.  Photo by John Bolger