posted 2012-02-16 16:21:04

Sit Down and Eat

Hunter College cafeteria renovation

Cynthia Perez

Staff Writer

The new extension to the cafeteria on third-floor bridge sits behind big glass windowpanes. It houses two flat screen televisions and it is much brighter than before. Visually, I would say it is now one of the more pretty and vibrant places to go hang out and eat at Hunter. Economically, I say we as students are at a loss and Hunter is running wild with our money.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Why did Hunter College waste the time and money on this renovation? Aside from the lack of light that existed in the cafeteria prior, there was nothing wrong with the old cafeteria. It appears to house about the same number of people as it did before and it stills leads to same pigeon infested balcony. All the cafeteria needed was a touch of color and more lighting, not an entire and presumably expensive renovation.

Did the cafeteria really need televisions? In the past two weeks, I’ve noticed that one television is usually tuned to NY1, and the other lists information on the cafeteria hours. While being able to see the weather every ten minutes is nice and useful, students don’t really need to watch the depressing news stories of the day while they’re at school. The televisions don’t appear to play sound, so we only can guess what the news anchors are trying to tell us. Even if they did play sound, the televisions would disturb from eating and distract people from studying. These televisions are simply a huge waste of money if they’re not going to do anything that can help us.

It’s nice to pass by the cafeteria and see friends behind the glass windows. That is one advantage to having the glass windowpanes instead of the blue walls that once surrounded that part of the cafeteria. However, I admit that it does make me feel a bit self conscious about eating there. I don’t want everyone walking across the bridge to know what I’m eating. Nor do I want to be stared down by strangers. Fortunately, these windows have blinds to hide the inside of the cafeteria from the rest of Hunter, but they’re not always pulled down.

The money for the cafeteria definitely could have gone to a better use. For example, what about a more permanent fix to those escalators that have been broken down since December in Hunter West? On a tiring day, or on a day where I happen to bring two totes full of textbooks for class, it would be nice to have working escalators on a consistent basis. Hunter College: spend money on things that need fixing, not on vain renovations.