posted 2012-02-16 16:57:40

SRC Working With ICIT to Fix Downed Lab

John Bolger

News Editor

The Student Resource Center has been operating at half capacity after it was discovered early this semester that they did not have the bandwidth to service its two computer labs.  The SRC is working with ICIT to install a new fiber optic internet line for the second lab, which recently had been rewired and outfitted with new computers.

The SRC currently operates on a single internet switch.  According to USG Brookdale Commissioner Erec Yanez, when students started to use both labs at the start of the semester, the SRC's single internet connection buckled under the load.  On Jan. 31, both labs went down as a result.  “We put too many people on the network at the same time and it became bottle necked,” Yanez said.  Only a single lab has been open since.

“It had worked with the older computers and we hoped it would work again,” Yanez said.  Now the SRC is looking to “separate the labs with their own internet connections” to alleviate the bottle neck.

According to Yanez,  ICIT was helping the SRC come up with a temporary solution to have both labs up and running as soon as possible.  Once both labs are up the SRC will develop a more long-term solution, which Yanez hopes will be complete by the end of this semester.

The SRC will also be opening up a fourth room which will be given to clubs that do not have space to use as a conference room.