posted 2012-11-09 00:04:59

Hunter Students Talk About Hurricane Sandy

A boat displaced in Island Park, NY from Hurricane Sandy. Photograph by Jenady Garshofsky
"The hurricane, for me, was not as bad as the experiences of my friends and family who don’t live in an elevated part of the city, as I do. Astoria, fortunately, is like a minor hill so most of our damage was from the wind such as fallen trees and broken power lines. We didn’t even have many power outages this year, unlike last year when we went for days without electricity. The city’s response this year was excellent. 311 provided any info we needed for evacuation centers and NYPD was patrolling the area heavily. "

Fatiha Ahmed, 23, English/Adolescent Education

"I live in Brooklyn, Bay Ridge and away from the disaster. I lost power and didn’t have any cellphone service. I feel like Bloomberg did a good job. A lot of people ignored the evacuation order. They crossed their fingers and hoped they won’t get affected. I know someone who almost drowned and was saved by a firefighter. Maybe there needs to be more awareness."

Natasha Lee, 20, Math

"I live in Long Island, but not a zone A area. I was more inward of Nassau County. I didn’t suffer much — only a day and a half of power outage and occasional surges. My friend lost her whole first floor and basement. To know that is disheartening. There couldn’t been more awareness and attention to evacuate those people and prevent all those deaths, 40-something is a high number. About the marathon controversy — the resources could’ve been directed towards the people in need. For example, there was a hospital without a working generator. I honestly don’t think it should’ve been drastically cancelled, it could’ve been postponed."

Arvie Padoginog, 19, Undecided

"I live in the Bronx so I didn’t get affected at all. I think Bloomberg tried to evacuate a lot of people. One of my friends were part of the evacuation program. So, he did a good job."

Amy Eng, 20, ELA

"Hurricane Sandy affected my family and I on a level not quite as severely as many others that I know, but we did lose power for 5 full days which forced us to get rid of all of the food in our refrigerator.  Also, we were without heat, which was the worst of it all for me."

Casey Carpenter, 22, English/Elementary Education

"I fared fine. I didn’t lose any power or anything like that. I think that the City’s response was good in that they made a lot of preparations before hand and informed many people about what was going to happen and what might happen."

Alisha Robinson Cruz, 26, English/Language and Criticism

"It’s so surreal seeing such massive destruction within blocks of my home. I am very disappointed with the City’s response to this disaster. I felt as though Staten Island was being swept under the rug as the mayor focused on other communities. We’ve barely seen the presence of FEMA or the Red Cross! Thankfully people in the community are helping those in need."

Alyssa Talamo, 21, Italian/ Education

"I did pretty well. I didn’t lose any power or anything. I feel bad for those who did. For Manhattan, the City did a good job. But the other boroughs were overlooked. All the resources go to Manhattan."

Kate Dauria, 20, English Language Arts

"I heard people downtown are starving and looking through the dumpsters. I think the City should do something about that."

Justin Kim, 22, Math

"I had to rescue my grandparents because they live in Brooklyn. I couldn’t get gas. I don’t think New York was really prepared for this."

Rebecca Beremshteyn, 20, Psychology

"Nothing happened in my neighborhood. I felt like I just took a week vacation inside my apartment."

Sabrina Lopez, 21, Creative Writing

"The City is doing as much as they can. People are being altruistic and volunteering as much as they can. The aftermath was devastating, and it was smart that was marathon was cancelled."

— Sarah Hall, 26, Psychology

"I live in midwood and there area was pretty quiet. The City was on top of everything. Some areas like Coney Island still need power."

Asma, 24, Biology

"So many people got hurt. My friend in Staten Island was without power. Another friend lost her home! I don’t think Bloomberg did a very good job. People in Flushing won’t get their power or heat back till next week! That’s crazy."

Shahreen Alom, 20, Undecided

"Astoria was not hit badly. The internet was shaky. The power flickered. That’s about it. The City did the best they could. I thought the storm was going to be nothing so they knew better than I did."

Daniel Skrivanek, 27, Creative Writing

"Some say it’s almost like Kartina. I don’t know if Bloomberg is doing his best."

Maya, 21, Undecided