posted 2012-10-18 20:09:52

The Coffee Grind

Alexa Trummer, Contributing Writer

Fall is by far the best season for specialty coffee drinks. Every autumn my mouth begins to water for all of the cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread syrups and the apple spice flavored blends. There is no better feeling than walking through Central Park with the light creeping through the beautiful fall foliage, and enjoying a delightfully warm latte.

Java Girl

348 E. 66th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue

Inside Java Girl, jars of loose tea leaves line the walls, and barrels of unground coffee beans are placed on the floor. The decor is “hipster” meets country cottage with old photographs and knickknacks displayed throughout the cafe. The line was short, though the wait was long, something that can be attributed to the nonchalant baristas.

The menu choices listed on a chalkboard are fairly limited if you aren’t planning on buying beans or loose tea. There are two size choices are offered for the “mint mocha latte.”  The chocolate and the mint flavors were subtle. Instead of an overpowering latte one might get at Starbucks, Java Girl’s concoction had hints of flavor paired with perfectly frothed milk and a fresh espresso shot.

In addition to serving drinks, Java Girl also offers hot and cold sandwiches among other lunch items, ranging from $2.85 to $6.95 in price. Selections include a Tuna Melt and a Garden Tomato Salad.

World Cup Cafe

956 Lexington Ave. between 68th Street and 69th Street 
A unique characteristic about Word Cup Cafe is that they serve an assortment of lattes using Ghirardelli syrups. The “cafe creme brulee” is made with white chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, espresso, and milk of your choosing. A small cup is 12 ounces, compared to Java Girls’ eight. The drink was delicious, not to sweet considering the chocolate, and the coffee taste was just right. However, the caramel flavor could have been more vibrant.

The menu at World Cup Cafe also hosts unconventional fares such as smoothies and empanadas that cost (HOW MUCH $0.00 to $0.00) in price.

The benefit of World Cup Cafe is its close proximity to Hunter College. Though the shop is tiny with little room to sit, the friendly and efficient baristas make up for the lack of space.

Wolrd Cup Cafe offers a 10% discount to any student or faculty member with a valid ID.