posted 2012-10-24 12:37:57

The Grand Deceit and Treachery of Obama

Obama fever is epidemic  

Laura Escobar

Contributing Writer

In 2008 Obama rose to the presidency of the United States of America with ease – it was handed to him on a silver plate by the media which did nothing but purport Obama’s charade of Hope. As Americans went to the ballot four years ago, obsessed with the concept of Obama that was tube-fed down the American esophagus, perhaps they didn’t understand what they were getting themselves into. To this day, the New York Times won’t even admit that Obama fell flat on his face in the first presidential debate – they are too “objective” it seems.

Indeed Obama was the first black president of the United States, and that is a historic landmark, however that does not excuse him from even a single one of his shortcomings. Neither does the Nobel Peace Prize which he was so disgustingly awarded. The truth about Obama is: he is more of the same, working for the same people the devil-incarnate George W. Bush worked for. Unfortunately, people are too consumed with the image of Obama that they want to be real to notice the plain facts.

Let’s start with the Constitution. What has Obama done to “change” the modern American trend of undoing the first amendment? That’s right! He accelerated the erosion. He signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act, which, among other great national- security provisions, gives the United States military the authority to arrest American citizens for any reason at any time and to hold them indefinitely without charges. Of course, Obama promises that he will not abuse this new power , but does anyone remember any of his promises for “the first hundred days” of his presidency?
Moreover, he also greatly expanded the National Security Agency’s capabilities to conduct warrantless domestic surveillance. When Bush tried to push the “Total Information Awareness” program, it got rejected by Congress. When Obama tried to push the same program, to no one’s surprise, it sailed right through and now construction on the NSA’s newest atrocity is almost complete in the Utah dessert.

Now it is reelection season and Obama’s lie machine is in full gear once again. Invariably, a good deal of his campaigning tries to portray “Wall Street” in a negative light, and some of his commercials even use protest imagery in an effort to distance Obama from the Financial District. But how does Obama really feel about Wall Street? When the banks were crashing he decided to bail them out with taxpayer dollars. As the banks continue to foreclose on taxpayers, Obama does nothing. When the corpse of AIG was hitting the floor, Obama said AIG was “too big to fail,” and infused them with some cash. The Federal Reserve Bank? Yeah, they’re still inflating the hell out of our currency by printing money on paper out of thin air.
Some democratic politicians even have the nerve to say that their party is the “Occupy Party.” Some party members are even complacent enough to regurgitate this banter. But what does Obama think about Occupy Wall Street? Well, he has never spoken publicly about it, however I think this question can be answered using a little bit of extrapolation. When the Department of Homeland Security holds an 18-city mayor’s conference on the topic of how best to remove the Occupy tent encampments with minimal media exposure, I think it is safe to say Obama’s party isn’t really the Occupy party. Suffice to say, if Obama actually did care about people’s free speech, he wouldn’t have made it a federal crime to protest in the vicinity of Secret Service agents under the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act – but he did.
And what about his stance warfare? The Afghan war still hasn’t ended, despite promises that it would have ended in early 2009. Instead, Obama escalated combat operations in Afghanistan. He also intervened in the Libyan civil war by imposing a no fly zone over the country. Coincidentally, this move to topple the Libyan government happened only a few years after our arms embargo on the country was lifted in 2003, when we proceeded to arm the hell out of the late dictator Muammar Gaddafi. And then what happened when an Islamist militia in the country executed a raid on the American consulate with military precision? The administration said it was a spontaneous protest as a result of an offensive Youtube video (the maker of that video has since been jailed, by the way). It is an election year after all ...So why do people continue to like this man Obama? Just look at that charisma! He sure’s got a wide smile, and so handsome! Oh look, he’s gonna go and “change” things again. Constitution? In high school they taught us that was an “evolving document” and that thing’s out dated anyway.

Can’t argue with the facts.