posted 2011-03-09 13:00:34

The Laughs Just Keep on Coming

The Laughs Just Keep on Coming

Another success for Hunter’s Comedy Club

Stephanie Boriskin

Staff Writer

"I've started watching a lot of basketball, and I'm pretty sure that the NBA was created by the government to keep track of all the super-humans. You realize, if the NBA all got together, they could easily take over cities."

This was part of a sketch by Hunter Comedy Club President, sophomore Josh Rothstein. Granted, reading only a fraction of the sketch in print isn't the same as witnessing it in its entirety, but the club's showcase on Feb. 23 was brimming with jokes.

The comedy club came to be last semester, after Rothstein developed the idea of up-and-coming comedians coming together to workshop their jokes and to learn from his many years of experience.

Rothstein has been writing jokes ever since he can remember and performed in Florida for over six years. Ever since his move to New York in 2009, he has been has been active on the comedy scene here and his knowledge has proven to be priceless for the other members of the club.

Club member Alon Elian referred to Rothstein as “a master of fun-fu.”

Rothstein eventually wants to create a network of comedians throughout colleges in the New York City area to share experiences and put on shows at schools other than their own.

The event itself was a hit with the stand-up comedians receiving a ton of laughs. Jokes touched on all sorts of topics, from Steven Seagal and hipsters to the inevitable Justin Bieber cracks.

The showcase featured eight Hunter student comedians: Alon Elian, Beryl Teitelbaum, Frank DeRuggiero, Lina Nania, Ayumi Moore, Ramon Kevin Reinoso, Josh Rothstein and Tommy Minerva, as well as one Hunter alumnus, Lori Palminteri. Each performer brought his or her own unique style; some told quick jokes with the goal of getting many laughs, while others told longer stories aiming for just one laugh.

Rothstein also invited two special guests to perform: Brock Savage and Calvin Cole. These comics are friends of Rothstein’s from his hometown of Gainesville, F.L. Last year, Cole won TBS’ Very Funny Festival: Just For Laughs in Chicago and was named the funniest college student in America. He was also the MVP of the 2010 National Champion University of Florida Comedy Team.

“I've been performing with them for a long time and they [Savage and Cole] helped very much in shaping me as a comic,” says Rothstein.

When he first started the club, his goal was to help the members as much as he could through group meetings. “The purpose of the shows are for the club members to perform what they have been working on in the workshops. As much fun as writing jokes can be, what gets people hooked is the actual performance.”

According to Rothstein,  "[The] club's going great. Everyone who's joined and kept performing has shown improvement."

This was the second show put on by the club, and both have exceeded the expectations of Rothstein and his fellow club members. Both shows at Hunter have packed the room to its maximum capacity and brought about much laughter from the crowds.

When it comes to actually performing, one thing is clear: putting on a show in front of peers is a great feeling for every member. Getting a laugh from the audience is a coveted feat, and while Rothstein doesn't get nervous when taking the stage anymore, all newcomers feel the jitters. Regardless of experience, once a comic gets on stage, they sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.