posted 2012-02-01 09:36:36

Thomas Hunter Sees String of Burglaries

Bridgit Boulahanis

Associate News & Features Editor

Last semester, at least three offices on Thomas Hunter’s second floor were broken in to, including The Envoy, The Olivetree Review, and The College Association. The perpetrator apparently used scaffolding – which has surrounded the building for years – to gain easy access to the offices’ large windows.

Olivetree Review staff members said that they discovered waste items, including coffee grounds and a plastic bottle filled with urine, as well as pornography on one of their computers. The problem appeared to stop once they became fastidious about locking their windows, staff said. Envoy staff reported similar signs of someone entering the office.

Director of Public Safety Louis Mader confirmed that there have been some complaints that a person may have been entering the offices illegally, but that nothing has been stolen.