posted 2012-09-21 04:38:15

What’s In Your Bag?

Danielle Jude Langlois

Staff Writer

Clockwise: Leggings, Carmex lip balm, keys, pieces of Obsidian, Cliff Bar, lighter, bag of rocks, Tic Tacs, cigarettes, wallet, IPhone, Hopi Ruin Legends: Kiqotutuwutsi, Montana 1948, grapefruit perfume oil, pens.
Megan, a graduate student, just got back from California where she was doing anthropological work, discovering remnants left by miners during the Gold Rush. She brought back a large piece of Obsidian for one of her professors and a small bag of rocks as souvenirs for her friends, which she thinks are much better than purchased trinkets. Megan is using the book on Hopi legends for research on the thesis paper she is writing, looking for evidence of Native American cannibalism in the southwest. As a smoker, Megan carries a pack of cigarettes with her to school, but agrees with Hunter’s ban of smoking on campus. She feels that other students shouldn’t have to be exposed to second hand smoke while on school grounds.

Megan Krietsch, Graduate Student, Anthropology