posted 2012-10-18 20:18:32

Wire and Clip Photograph Hanger

DIY: An inexpensive way to hang your photographs 

Apneet Kaur

Features Editor

Instead of spending money on cheesy photo frames and gimmicky ways to show off your photos, save your money for printing those snapshots. With materials found in your home and at your local dollar store, you can create personalized hangers in under an hour. The total cost of materials for this project was $3.35, and you can use them again to create new variations on your photo hanger.

Materials found at home:

  • Nail polish

  • Topcoat

  • Scissors

  • Push pins

Materials bought:

  • Clothespins $1.50

  • Cotton twine $1.35

  • Paper clips $1.00


1. Cut a piece of twine about 18 inches long. Make loops at the ends and tie with a knot. You will use these loops to hang your finished project from.

2. Use nail polish to decorate your clothespins. For a medium-matte finish use two coats of nail polish only. To get a glossy finish use two coats of nail polish and liberally apply a clear topcoat over the color. Be sure to wait and make sure each coat is dry before applying another layer. If opting for a matte finish, use felt markers instead.

3. Hang your wire on the wall by looping the wire around push pins. After the clothespins have dried, attach them to the wire and add photos as you go.

4. Try this idea with paperclips for an easier way to display your photos. Simply repeat step 1, and start attaching paper clips and photos to your wire.

Tip: Social Print Studio is an online service that prints your Instagram photos on polaroid-style card stock, as seen in the finished product photo. Visit their website at $12/40 prints.