Welcome to the incomplete digital archives of the Hunter Envoy, the student newspaper of Hunter College, located in Manhattan's Upper East Side. The Hunter Envoy is run completely by students -- that means there is no staff advising of any kind. While this may be a blessing in terms of editorial freedom, where the paper really suffers is management. As the editorial staff is in constant rotation the long-term availability of newspaper content is very unreliable. As new editors take the place of the old, often years worth of content go offline in the management vacuum. When this happens, history is destroyed: old crimes go untold, old tyrants go unrecognized, old fights are erased. Power will be held to account -- no matter who edits the paper.

This website -- which is not officially affiliated with Hunter College or the Hunter Envoy -- seeks to address this problem by providing an area online for digital archives which will not go down when the newspaper fails to pay its bills. Regardless of what happens to the Envoy editorial staff, this archive is not going anywhere. In its current state, the archives only span from 2011 to 2012, however we welcome you to submit more archival content to us and we will gladly host it.

If you are a current member of the Hunter Envoy, we ask you to volunteer transcribing classic articles from the 90s which are sorely needed on the internet today. Enjoy the archives!

Visit our contact page to see what we are looking for and how you can get in touch.